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Optimal Control of Joint Green Investment in Dual Channel Supply Chain under the Competition and Cooperation of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers

Yi Liu


This paper considers the decision-making problem under the integration transaction and the green innovation investment of new energy vehicle enterprises based on cooperative advertising, and uses the dynamic optimal control method to establish a dual channel supply chain consisting of two manufacturers and a retailer. Based on the integration transaction, the new energy vehicle supply chain cooperative green investment optimization model is established, This paper discusses the optimal equilibrium strategy of supply chain members in the case of manufacturer competition and cooperation by using differential game theory. The research finds that when the sum of the marginal profits of the network channels and traditional channels of the new energy vehicle manufacturer 1 is small and the quality advantage is not obvious, the green innovation efforts of the new energy vehicle manufacturer 2 will be higher than that of the manufacturer 1. In addition, the green innovation efforts of the new energy vehicle manufacturer 1 are higher than that of the manufacturer 2. The profit changes of the two manufacturers are related to the efficiency of green innovation and the marginal profits under the two channels. The two new energy vehicle manufacturers will choose cooperation only when there is a large difference in green innovation efficiency. After cooperation, the profits of manufacturers will increase and the profits of retailers will decrease.


New Energy Vehicles; Optimal Control; Integral Trading; Green Investment; Competition and Cooperation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i2.6808