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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Consumers' Trust on Automobile AI in the New Era and Patriotism—Taking Users in Guizhou as an Example

Bihuang Xie


With the continuous advancement of the intelligence of the global automobile industry, AI artificial intelligence technology is gradually moving from science fiction to reality, and the automobile manufacturing field has entered a new era, and subversive changes have occurred. Physical information technology is effectively combined with intelligent manufacturing, making traditional manufacturing develop in the direction of artificial intelligence, automation and so on. Based on the further optimization of AI technology, intelligent and connected vehicles have become a hot topic in the field of automotive technology research. If this technology is effectively used in intelligent connected vehicles, on the one hand, it is a major attempt to develop the development and structure of the automobile, on the other hand, it expands the development space for the technology. Relevant technical personnel should pay more attention to technical research, and solve the problems in the process of driving intelligent and connected vehicles through effective measures. However, for consumers, different levels of consumers have different understanding and trust of cutting-edge technology, such frequent accidents and rights protection events; the interaction demand, monitoring and identification of drivers and passengers; the legal guarantee of automobile driving safety and the safety of connected information interaction also make the public have some doubts about AI  driving technology.


AI; Automobile; Trust

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