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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Luxury Purchase Intention of Invisible Poor Groups Based on the Self-Presentation Perspective of Exquisite People —— Taking College Students in Ningxia as an Example

Mengzhu Wu


In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet in China, the rapid development of the Internet makes it easier for people to obtain information. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of residents' income level, the new consumption with the traditional consumption and the vigorous rise of new consumption as the main content. Consumers are paying more attention to personalized, diversified and high-quality consumption experience, especially these "post-90 s" young people who have quietly become the main force of consumption. While the "hidden poor" young people buy products to fill a kind of emptiness and confusion, vent a kind of depression and depression, relieve a certain anxiety and sadness, and release a certain emotions and helplessness, while they are also looking for their own position in the specific order and social structure. For the "hidden poor" youth, the occasional explicit luxury is actually a way to integrate into the city, the circle of friends and the subgroup. They begin to obtain the label of "delicate" image by presenting "delicate" people.


"Delicate" People Set; Invisible Poverty Group; Self-Presentation; Purchase Intention

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.8283