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Risk Prevention and Response to Cross-Border Data Flows in the Context of National

Xinzhu Tian


The storage, use and circulation of data cross national borders, making digital trade possible, and the centrality of data continues to be highlighted, with countries around the world engaging in fierce games in the field of cross-border data flows. Based on the security risks of cross-border data flows and facing the dual dilemmas of domestic and international governance of cross-border data flows, the limitations of China's current domestic legal system for cross-border data flows and its compatibility with The study analyzes the limitations of China's current domestic legal regime for cross-border data flows and the compatibility with international rules. In this regard, there is an urgent need to build a dynamic two-way regulatory system for cross-border data flows through blockchain empowerment, refine the Data Exit Assessment Methodology, connect with international "security exception" provisions, advocate for a cyber community of destiny, strengthen extraterritorial cooperation, and promote the exploration of global governance solutions for cross-border data flows.


Cross-Border Data Flow; Data Localization; Security Exception Clause; Blockchain Technology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.8841