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Analysis of Singapore's Investment Environment in the Context of RCEP

Qianqing Wei, Qingyun Shi


In the context of RCEP, Singapore, as one of the old ASEAN countries, is one of the most advantageous countries for investment in Southeast Asia and the world. Based on the data from MAS and the World Bank, this paper adopts the investment environment rating method and analyzes Singapore's investment environment in a more comprehensive manner, starting from eight indicators, including capital withdrawal, foreign equity, degree of foreign business discrimination and control, currency stability, political stability, willingness to grant tariff protection, degree of local capital availability, and inflation rate in the past five years, etc. The results of the study show that Singapore's investment The results of the study show that Singapore's investment environment is outstanding, with an investment environment score of 88. Finally, this paper proposes reasonable countermeasures for China to learn from Singapore in view of the existing problems.


Investment Environment; Rating Scale; RCEP

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i5.8886