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Research on Quantitative Financial Strategies for Capital Markets

Qingtao Zeng, Siyu Lu, Chang Tang


Under the construction of the new era development, with the rapid development of the financial industry, the Internet and big data added to the background, the quantitative financial products in the capital market is also becoming more and more abundant, quantitative investment has also entered the vision of more investors, and rapid development in the capital market, so the platform related to quantitative finance has also been rapidly popularized and applied change investment mainly through big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, etc., can be through Already available data for strategy mining, response simulation, so as to achieve the process of market realities, so that you can build a quantitative investment platform in the mainstream financial information vendors and corresponding enterprises through their own data and have the resources, so as to obtain more traffic entrance and market opportunities. Therefore, in view of the current situation of the development of quantitative finance in China's capital market, problems can be raised from it and further strategic research can be given.


Capital Markets; Quantitative Finance; Strategy Research

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.9478