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Research on the Innovation Path of China's Green Financial System

Xinyue Guo


With the depletion of energy sources and the gradual shortage of various natural resources, individuals and societies are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of energy conservation and environmental protection. It is now widely accepted that economic development should be based on the principle of environmental sustainability. With this in mind, the concept of green finance has emerged as a potential solution for aligning the financial system with ecological goals. This paper aims to provide a concise introduction to the concept of green finance, focusing on its relevance in the Chinese context. In addition, it explores the innovative strategies and practices adopted by China in developing its green financial system, highlighting its role in facilitating the transition to green and sustainable economic development. Finally, the paper offers recommendations for strengthening and improving China's green financial system. In doing so, the paper contributes to the broader discussion on environmental finance and sustainable development.


Green Finance; Economic Market; Energy Conservation; Environmental Protection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.9504