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Research on the Evaluation and Optimization Path of High-Quality Development of Culture and Tourism in Hebei Province

Weida Zhang, Long Feng, Ruirui Gao


The 14th Five-Year Plan points out : "Strengthen the construction of public cultural service system and the innovation of system and mechanism, strengthen the dissemination and promotion of Chinese culture and the exchange and mutual learning of civilization, and better protect the people's cultural rights and interests." In 2023, the construction of a strong cultural and tourism province in Hebei Province has achieved initial results, the tourism product system has been continuously enriched, the industrial scale has been continuously expanded, the public service system has been improved, and the comprehensive benefits have been continuously enhanced.  Therefore, based on the perspective of high-quality development of culture and tourism, this study carries out a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the cultural and tourism industry in Hebei Province from the aspects of the definition of high-quality development of culture and tourism industry, the construction of evaluation index system, the evaluation of high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry, and the countermeasures for high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry.


Hebei Province; Culture and Tourism; High-Quality Development; Evaluation and Optimization Path

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.9509