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Research on the Development of Export Trade of "Housing Economy" Products in Anhui Province

Ying Zhang, Wanyue Wang, Yufeng Ma, Yeping Zhao


The financial crisis was the earliest cause of the "home economy", with a large number of people unemployed at home, giving rise to the rise of online business activities and part-time jobs. Home business, work, and shopping have become common phenomena in the "home economy". In recent years, with the gradual restoration of normalcy in national life, the "homestead economy" has blossomed throughout the country, and multiple provinces have opened up "homestead economy" export trade, achieving initial good results. As a major province in the export trade of the "residential economy", Anhui Province has established a relatively complete export trade plan. However, due to various unstable factors, there are still potential problems in the export trade of the residential economy in Anhui Province. In view of this, this article investigates the export data of residential economy products in Anhui Province in recent years, and proposes targeted improvement strategies based on the problems.


"Homestead" Economic Products; Export Trade; Anhui Province

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/fm.v8i4.9583